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CATCH Kids Club (Coordinated Approach To Child Health)  is an evidence-based afterschool, summer and community recreation program designed to promote healthy physical activity and eating behaviors in elementary school-age children.


The program is designed for leaders with a variety of skill levels and is kid tested and approved, CATCH Kids Club has demonstrated to increase children's physical activity. 


CATCH Kid Club games are non-elimination. If you get out, simply perform a re-entry task to get right back into the game! It is a philosophy designed so all students have many opportunities to participate and practice their skills.

Look for CATCH trainings offered by ACROSS NH. To request a CATCH Kids Club training for the staff at your program, please contact ACROSS NH at or call 206-6800.

Laura Hesse Moran, NH ASMP AP, is a certified CATCH trainer. Laura is a consultant with the Foundation for Healthy Communities where she manages the CATCH Kids Club Program in New Hampshire.  In this role, she works with afterschool and summer camp programs in their training and implementation of CATCH Kids Club.  This includes helping sites create a successful and sustainable program all while working to establish policies that support healthy eating and physical activity. 

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