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New Hampshire Connections Information System (NHCIS)


NH DHHS has developed a new information system for early childhood and out-of-school time programs and professionals. It is called the NH Connections Information System (NHCIS), and it includes several components. All families will find resources to make informed decisions about child care services that meet their needs. NH professionals, policy makers and partners will use the system information to make data-driven decisions that improve professionalism and workforce quality to positively impact children. The NH Connections Information System is overseen by the Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration Program Improvement Specialist with a team of Child Care Aware® of New Hampshire and ACROSS NH supporters.

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NH Connections is the consumer education website for the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), lead agency for the US DHHS Child Care and Development Block Grant. The preparation and maintenance of this website is financed under a contract with the NH DHHS, Division of Economic and Housing Stability, Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration, with funds provided in part by US DHHS and the State of New Hampshire. For more information, visit

Applications in NHCIS

  • Professional Registry

  • Credentialing

  • Training

  • Child Care Program Profile

  • Child Care Licensing 

  • Scholarship

  • Background Record Checks

  • Grant Application


How Do I Create an Account?

  • Go to the NHCIS login page, click on the “REGISTER” button and follow the prompts.

  • Use your personal email address.

  • You will receive a verification code to that email address which will be used for registration.

  • Once you have created a new account, you should be able to update your Professional Registry.

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Benefits of Having a NHCIS Account:

  • Creating, maintaining, accessing and sharing your own training and education information.

  • Ability to view and reflect upon your own professional growth along your career pathway.

  • Registering for training and tracking your own professional development.

  • Obtaining a Registry ID to link your ProSolutions Account.

  • Completing your Credentialing application online.

  • Ability to apply for background record checks.

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