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Business Practices Training for OST

Do you enjoy working with children, but could use more guidance in business practices? ACROSS NH provides business practices trainings specifically designed for those working in school age care programs. Learn practical business foundations and exchange ideas with other OST peers. Do you have a specific topic that you would like to request? Please email Jamie at with your request.

Strengthening Your Business Practices Trainings

Strengthening Your Business Practices Trainings 

Coming again in 2024-2025!

This series of virtual trainings are specifically designed for directors, site directors, and business managers in out of school time programs.  If you have questions, please email Jamie Nadeau at

Module One: Marketing Your Program (3 hours)

It’s all about the children! Working with children is your passion but running a business may not be. Without sound business practices – systems, processes, and informed decisions – your program will suffer. You will spend more time than necessary on the business side which will take away your time and attention away from the good work you want to implement on the program side. Or too little time on the business side and over time resources are depleted. Be familiar with the definition and value of marketing efforts that are focused both externally and internally. Identify program features and benefits. Explore how data can inform marketing efforts in order to achieve more success. A strong business will support the goals of providing quality care and help achieve your goals that were set for your program.

Module Two: Recruiting and Retaining Staff (3 hours)

A strong business will support your goals of providing the highest quality of care to children by creating stability for your program and protecting your resources. Ultimately, this helps you achieve the goals you set for your program. This session will cover recruiting, conducting interviews, hiring, orientation, and evaluating performance. Learn the importance of designing a framework for building an effective orientation plan for new employees. Examine the components of an effective staff handbook. Identify strategies for providing feedback to employees. Finally, we will also examine the importance of leadership in staff retention.

Module Three: Financial Reports and Successful Budgeting (3 hours)

Strong fiscal management can help you operate a stable and sustainable business. This module may not make you an expert accountant, but it will show you another way of telling the story of your program – using numbers.  We will explore financial reports and identify ways these reports can help you better manage your program’s finances, and ultimately a sound budget. With a strong budget and understanding you can spend less time on the business side and more time on the program side. It allows you to communicate with program stake holders and make good decisions for future growth. Learn about a process for building a budget and how to use it for decision making. Show your worth!

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